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A Reliable Plugin to improve Email Deliver-ability!

Configure and send all outgoing emails via SMTP server or PHP mailer.


Mail Bank is a reliable, powerful, easy-to-use SMTP Mailing Plugin that maximizes the deliverability of all your emails.

Fully compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Microsoft Live, and any other email sending service that offers SMTP.


Different Mailer Types

You can send your Email with more advanced SMTP mailer or you can choose the PHP mailer. SMTP requires an authentication of clients before allowing access to them whereas PHP Mailer does not require authentication for sending emails.

Two-Way Authentication

You can use the OAuth Authentication which required Client ID and Secret Key or you can enable the less secure way to receive Emails by inserting the Username and Password. With OAuth 2.0 protocol, you don’t need to store your email password in the WordPress database.


Email Logs

This exclusive feature eliminates the need to worry about your Emails. You can simply filter, delete and manage your Email Logs through one reliable platform. Using Mail Bank, you can maintain list of Email Logs. You can also check the status of delivery and debugging output.

Compatibility with Mail Servers

Mail Bank is compatible with all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Microsoft Live, and any other email sending service that offers SMTP. You can always rely on Mail Bank to perform well, especially in providing deliverability and reliability.


Debugging Output

In case mail not send due to some problem, you can view the complete debug output, MIME Version, cause of unsuccessful delivery of emails and much more. The Debugging Output depends on host, different output from different hosts.

Different Types of Encryption

We allow TLS (Transport Layer Security), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and no encryption for authentication of your Mail Servers. TLS proceed to secure connections after successful communication between Client & Server whereas SSL directly proceed to secure connections.


Customers Love Mail Bank!

but don’t just take our word for it

No other smtp plugin was working with our email server which use Lets Encrypt certificate. This plugin did a good job. Thank you

I found “Mail Bank” good as it encrypts the password before storing it in the database.
In many other SMTP plugins, even if the password shows as hidden (*****) within the plugin settings section, you can still see it using view-source.
Whereas in “Mail Bank”, it shows the password as ***** even when you view the page source.
So, “Mail Bank” is definitely better. 👍

Had a small issue that was my own fault.
Support handled it instantly. Recommend!

This plugin saved my life 😉

While there are other SMTP plugins out there, this is a great option if you want something well-written, intuitive and comprehensive. Small features like auto-testing your configuration and the option to send test emails on demand definitely make it worthwhile.
While this plugin will work for any POP3 or IMAP account, this is also a great option for those who:

  • use Microsoft Office 360 (Outlook)
  • want to connect a POP3 or IMAP email that is hosted on a different server OTHER than the hosting account
  • purchased domain names or Deluxe/Ultimate shared hosting through or GoDaddy and have trouble sending out emails.

The free version is pretty comprehensive out-of-box, but paying just a couple of dollars for premium versions will unlock useful features if you need a few more bells and whistles.
This is definitely worth the download and install.

SMTP Mailer Plugin by Mail Bank is a nice and polished SMTP plugin. The free version goes a long way, but if you need advanced features you will have to upgrade. Detailed SMTP logging is one of those features, but worth it in my opinion. Polite day-to-day support when needed – I highly recommend this plugin.

I tried many. This one worked great 🙂

Very good and personalised support. You are doing very well guys!!!

Works perfectly.
The team support is very fast and doing well.


Do you have a question about Mail Bank? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

It allows the users to configure the settings easily to send Emails.

It allows the users to override the From Name and From Email Parameters.

User can choose either PHP mail() function or SMTP for sending Emails.

You can view detailed records of logged emails such as Date/Time, Debugging Output, Email To, Subject and Status.

You can enable or disable the debug mode to get the debugging output of logged emails.

This Plugin provides the users two types of Encryption such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Users can authenticate either by choosing Username and Password or Oauth which requires both Client ID and Security Key.

It allows the users to view the debugging output of logged emails.

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Powerful and Highly-Scalable wordpress plugin for sending and monitoring your emails.

Email service that is not cluttered and is easily compatible with most dominant Mail Servers.
Allows SSL/TLS data encryption to provide better privacy and authentication.

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