Customers Love Mail Bank!

but don’t just take our word for it

Very helpful – quick fix and all was working. Thank you very much Tech Banker.

These folks helped me to resolve my issues and get the email working properly. I recommend them and their product.

Very good for free!!

We use it as our “go to” mail app on about 5 sites. Easy to use. Straight forward.

i use this plugin, it is awesome, keep it up! ciao!

I’ve used every other plugin for mail functionality on numerous sites. Mailbank is by far the best. There were some issue with it early on but they were quickly resolved. Great support.

Most of the SMTP plugins out there work just fine, but when something doesn’t work (i.e. a Port is closed?) they’re of limited use. Mail Bank’s plugin is not only dependable it’s helpful in identifying problems when something is wrong. Thanks!


My WordPress sites are on shared hosting, and as such, there are limitations that come with a shared hosting account, especially when it comes to sending email. In my case, my shared host keeps tighter control over the mail() function, and so limits PHP apps to sending mail via authenticated SMTP.
WP Mail Bank was simple to configure and worked right out of the box. The only trouble I ran into was when I used the incorrect email credentials. I’m using the free version since my sites are non-commercial, “non-mission critical” personal sites so I don’t need the Premium features. Note that logging in the free version is very basic and this may annoy some people. But WP Mail Bank has worked very reliably since installation so I don’t really miss the more extensive logging.
WP Mail Bank added authenticated SMTP functionality to my sites with no hassle, and it just works.

A really helpful plugin, absolutely recommended!

Spełnia swoje zadanie – wysyła emaile z adresu jaki chciałem ?

Dies ist eines der besten SMTP-Plugins für WordPress. Danke für deine Arbeit!

Works properly.

Excellent plug in. Worked a charm. Excellent timely customer support when I made a mistake setting up, they helped me out promptly. All I could ask

thanks a lot

Work Great! and thankfully remove my headache lol

Easy to set up and it works!

Hace justo lo que necesito mandar email SMTP

Very easy to setup and test.

Thank you team for putting up the plugin and let us get advantage from it.

To be honest, I’ve been looking for a SMTP mail plugin for a while and this just did it for me .. little hassle. Nice work guys!

Had an issue with emails ending up in spam folder as WordPress by default don’t give much information of sender in the email header sent via phpMailer. Using just the free licence helped me prevent that. Thanks a lot

My site was not able to send mails before installing this plugin.

Thanks for the Plugin.. Works Amazing

Works well and support were very helpful.

thank you very much

Great app. I have a few ‘free’ versions but also a business edition. Fast support as well!

I have tried other SMTP mailers and for one reason or another, they came up short. Just installed WP Mail Bank and so far it works as advertised.


WP Mail Bank works great, tech support replied to a question in less than 24h. Happy with the plugin!

Works well for what I needed it to do, and support is quick and helpful.

Emails weren’t being sent by our website, which, after some cursory research, seems to be quite common. Mail Bank allowed us to fix the issue in just a few minutes.

Works great! No fuss. Keeps your mails from getting flagged as spam by other peoples ISP’s.

Works Great!

Have nothing to complaint about it!
It just works perfectly!
Thank you so much!

Very simple plugin

Good plugin, thanks a lot for your free & open work

Service très réactif

Does what is says and never had a problem with it. Thanks

I use Wp Mail Bank when I have problems with mail sending from my website. The SMTP connection works smoothly

Fixed all my email sending issues

Works as advertised, nice testing option.

Works flawlessly. Great plugin.

I removed Gmail SMTP to install this, much better and without bugs

I’ve been using the plugin for a while as a free version on clients projects. And I am happy to support the developer team by purchasing the pro version as well. The support is very good and the plugin well maintained.

Bluehost recently changed policy regarding SMTP email via scripts and I had issues of getting mail for my comments. This plugin totally solved it. Great job.

easy to setup does the job! thank you ?

It works very well

Email notifications were not being sent anymore, and thanks to this very flexible plugin, now we receive everything. Highly recommended.

Love the plugin and the support is awesome!

Really helpful, and the setting is soo easy! Thanks!


I had trouble with some other similar plugins and when I found this one I quit searching. This is a great plugin. Relatively simple to set up, and it just works really well.

Perfect plugin for getting information for forms to your required email address, stress free and hassle free process and very easy to set up.

One of the best email setup plugins. No issues.

I had a problem logging onto the download site the premium plugin and emailed Tech-Banker for help. I got a prompt response with the correct information to solve my problem. So thumbs up for this plugin!

Thank you. Very easy to setup and use.

I don’t why my website stop sending email. Luckily I found this plugin. WP Mail SMTP Plugin by Mail Bank solved the issue. Thank you.

I’ve had a real problem with sending mails and have tried a few plugins but none worked even the simple one. This is the only one that actually work for me. Thanks for this..

I tried several different plugins to try and get wp_mail() to play nicely and send messages via PHPmail and also via SMTP. Our hosting provider has some pretty strict restrictions on being able to send from the site and this was the only plugin that offered enough options to finally get it working. We were able to set it up via an SMTP relay using TLS and both OAUTH and Login security. We’re opting for OAUTH but it’s good know that just logging in would have worked also.

Simple easy to use and setup. Does the business without any hassle

I have been working to get the forms on my website to go through for most of the day. That meant trying 4 or 5 different plugins and I could not get anything to work. Mind you. I’m not a developer and rely on the easy to use plugins and wizards. This was by far the easiest to configure, and this one made it quick, painless and so easy. Highly recommended if you aren’t getting your web forms to come through to your site. FYI, I host with Dreamhost, and route email through Gmail.

No other smtp plugin was working with our email server which use Lets Encrypt certificate. This plugin did a good job. Thank you

I found “Mail Bank” good as it encrypts the password before storing it in the database. In many other SMTP plugins, even if the password shows as hidden (*****) within the plugin settings section, you can still see it using view-source. Whereas in “Mail Bank”, it shows the password as ***** even when you view the page source. So, “Mail Bank” is definitely better. ?

Had a small issue that was my own fault. Support handled it instantly. Recommend!

Had short problems, was resolved the next day.

Setup was nice and easy. The plugin works as advertised and the UI is nicely designed.

I tried out the free version of the plugin after running in some difficulties with mail-handling . MailBank provided easy, clear setup and configurations and my problems were fixed after 5 minutes. Wow. Then I realized a minor side-effect on one plugin and contacted support. The next business day they already mailed me, having analyzed the issue and created a new plugin-version fixing the problem. Stunning! So just instantly ended up buying the business version of the plugin, because that kind of support from TechBankers is priceless. Thanks guys and please keep up this attitude!!

easy to install and works.

… works fine

Gotta thank you guys for this one. It is working perfectly, super easy to install and super user friendly to setup each sites SMTP info. In my case I wanted the ability to use one plugin for all the sites but with the ability to have each site’s own unique email settings (or not) if I desire. What more could a dev ask for? Thanks again. Jay Owner CompuMatter Computer Store Anacortes, WA

In the past I was using a different SMTP mail plug-in but the developer seems to have given up on it and there’s been no activity or updates for the other plugin in a long time, so I thought I better look for something that was being updated regularly, had a lot of people using it and had good reviews and prompt replies to support forum questions. Glad I found your plug-in! It’s so simple to use and works perfect for my needs. I’d like to see this become plugin features part of WP core! Thank you to the developers who did an outstanding job on this plugin. I’m using it on all my WP sites now, Standard and Multi-site installs. I found one error — but, it was mine, not yours. ? I highly recommend the plug-in and I’ll support your efforts and contribution.

Discovered a conflict with iThemes. Tech-Banker resolved the bug within a single day, then reported back on what the error was. All is fine now. Great Support!

Easy & Simple Plugin to use!

Nos funciona muy bien.

This Plugin solved a lot of Problems i had with the php-mail-function.

Tried at least 5 other add-ons till this one! Many thanks for a fantastic free easy to use add-on

Muito bom, melhor que já utilizei. Continuem com esse plugin, pois ele é muito bom

Make exactly where says!

Very nice plugin, works great.

Very nice plug-in that is very easy to set up. And if you have any questions, the support is quick, friendly and efficient.

Easy setup. Works perfect.

Great plugin and easily customized. Have used it in a few projects!

Mail Bank helped me resolve all my problems with sending emails!!

Excellent plugin

Works great! And the support team is very helpful.

Makes it all so quick and easy. Delighted.

Awesome!!Awesome!! Awesome!!Awesome!!Awesome!! Awesome!!Awesome!!Awesome!!

No problems after 8 months of use. Like the options and configurations.

This plugin works great right out of the gate. Very easy to install and the documentation is easy to follow. If you have to contact support they actually listen and help you resolve your issues. One of my favorite plugins for sure.

Nice plugin for the email gestion and if you hav a trouble, you can ask the support team. Quick support and nice solutions ! I recommend it !!

I was in a jam with the email for not working under SSL. This plug-in help me to get up and running quickly. I highly recommend it.

Amazing plugins for replace mail function from wordpress.

Hatte vorher Probleme mit anderen Plugins. Mail Bank funktioniert jedoch absolut zuverlässig und ist einfach zu bedienen.

We just moved our WP site to SSL, and unfortunately this caused our MailBank license to stop working, but their support team very quickly addressed the problem to ensure minimal downtime.

I was using Post/Postman SMTP but this was far easier to use and setup.

I needed a reliable email app for my WP site, and I am new to WP. I tried several email apps but these guys helped me FINALLY make email work on my new site. No one else out there helped. Their support was amazing!!!

Great plugin, easy to setup. I had some problems , but there were solved very fast by the team. Thank you for this!

First impression but it’s working great!
It does the job and easier that you can think of.
Well designed UI, great configuration wizards.
Thank you!

Awesome quick support

Great plugin and most importantly it works unlike some others out there.

I use this app all the time and I never had problems

had some issues with this app, asked the support team once and the next day I had a fix that indeed fixed the problems I was facing.
This is good stuff. Also Mitchell is very friendly.

I’m currently using the free version but will be upgrading to the paid version. Easy to set up and it works well. Tech Banker customer service and support is always very good – this isn’t the only plugin of theirs I use. The debugging and access to log files is limited in the free version and whilst I probably won’t use it much, it is useful. I don’t mind paying for a good plugin to support a company developing great products.

easy to use and test

I was struggling to solve the issue related to “unauthenticated email”. I’ve tried several plugins, but none of them worked for me. But, Once I came across with this plugin, it fixes the issue. Another best part is the support from developers team. They are always dedicated to solving the issue raised by plugin users. Thanks a lot for the developers’ team!

It’s working great and made some stuff easier. I just would love to have a full mail log on the free version too.

tried WP SMTP – couldn’t get it work and finally gave up on it.
MAIL BANK worked out of the box !
simply and straight and does the ONE JOB its built for – Sends Emails flawlessly ?
many thanks to the developer –

No problems at all with setup and usability, great helpful plugin!

Just what you need for email! Nothing more, nothing less. (Free version)

Setup in no time to an outlook365 account.

Works well and interrogates the mail server perfectly, I am only using the free WP version, possibly go to the pro version to get info from logs etc.

IT WORKS!! Just install, enable and it works… Send email like a boss


Hi, This plugin works like a charm. I installed the old Gmail SMTP plugin first but it wasted 4 hours of my life and then finally I removed it. Afterwards I trusted this AWESOME Plugin which was just updated 1 day ago and it set me FREE! Thanks to the developer for doing such a nice job! you might not believe this but this is the first time in my whole life that I’m reviewing a WordPress plugin because I never did! Thanks people! thanks!

i have two site using this nice plugin with free version, first site installed and works in one shoot. second site installed and facing problem. in less five minutes fixed by developer. i plan to have a pro version in the future. Thank you

Very nice. Saved me a lot of headaches

Les installation et mise en route sont rapides et simples. Pour le moment, rien à redire !

The plugin is working perfectly. It is very useful in sites hosted on servers without a well configured postifx. In addition it allow to send emails via SMTP Auth often avoiding the spam problem. Thank you so much for this plugin by ITRO Team! ?

Thanks for the developer for developing this plugin. It’s simple and it works. Frequent updates with lots of features.


With its nice interface and email log, Mail Bank reminds me of Postman SMTP. Since Postman SMTP is not on anymore, I had to switch and found Mail Bank as the best replacement option

No problem setting it up, works a treat!

Works perfectly! All other plugins have failed the Gmail auth test but this one passes with ease. Thanks to the developers for this must have plugin!

A straight forward plugin. I tried a lot, but this one works for me. Good job.

It great support for my website.

Works nicely with the latest version of WordPress and cooperates with G Suite without any issues. Flow for setting up was easy to understand.

Great plugin with a great price. Support helps and answers all questions. The perfect solution, which we use for three years and have never regretted it.

Couldn’t ask for better

I was delighted to find Mailbank after struggling with other plugins and WP was simply not sending my emails. It fixed my problem immediately and I haven’t looked back.

Works great

Makes it easy to change SMTP and ensure our emails to subscribers go out with no problems.

Jól működő, hasznos. Több hasonlót kipróbáltam, de ez vált be a legjobban.

no problems with this addon, worked right from the beginning. Although, I only need it for rather simple local mail stuff…

This plugin saved my life ?

While there are other SMTP plugins out there, this is a great option if you want something well-written, intuitive and comprehensive. Small features like auto-testing your configuration and the option to send test emails on demand definitely make it worthwhile. While this plugin will work for any POP3 or IMAP account, this is also a great option for those who:

  • use Microsoft Office 360 (Outlook)
  • want to connect a POP3 or IMAP email that is hosted on a different server OTHER than the hosting account
  • purchased domain names or Deluxe/Ultimate shared hosting through or GoDaddy and have trouble sending out emails.

The free version is pretty comprehensive out-of-box, but paying just a couple of dollars for premium versions will unlock useful features if you need a few more bells and whistles. This is definitely worth the download and install.

I has a perfect Help-Support that solved out small problem with using SMTP and Google. Thanks

This plugin helped me a lot to send emails using Google s site server, which is really useful to make sure mails don’t go into the spam folder! Really clear and easy to follow setup, we’ll designed, my compliments!

Hi Nathan, you are so nice ? Thanks for helping, very quick respond ^^

Problem solved fast !!!!

I like this plugin and it’s works perfectly on my site…

I am using Contact Form 7 and I have GoDaddy hosting and as we all know GoDaddy and as we all know… your forms won’t deliver the emails without a SMTP relay. I’ve tried several SMTP plugins, could not seem to get them working with GoDaddy hosting until I stumbled upon this one. (big sigh) Finally, thanks!

It just works.

Great plugin. After a long search, this plugin did the job (long understood, BUT it WORKS). Thank you so much and good luck for finding new ideas!


I had an issue with the name field where the field would not convert html characters back on output. I submitted a ticket and they very quickly released an update which fixed the issue. I am very satisfied with this plugin and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of it.

functionality was awsem

I keep expecting something to go horribly wrong, but it just works day after day. I am so use to things failing, I get really paranoid when stuff just works. Something has to be wrong someplace, but I have yet to find it.

Simple, effective. Thanks!

It really help me to resolve email send requirement

Very good plugin. Thanks

5 star, thanks.

Very easy to configure. Works very well.

Jamais déçu !

Works great.

It does what it supposed to do. Great!

thanks guy i tried lots of plugins but only yours worked. really big thanks

Like It


hai thanks for help me ..i have tried two days i haven’t get that ..thank you somuch and helping me out.Good plugins..

This plugin works absolutely perfectly – I never encountered any problem. Highly recommendable!

Its good plugin

I use the free version and it has all the feature I need, SMTP working fine with now all emails are delivered to the inbox safely. and I love the extra features to check email logs. the pro plans include much more..

Work good

Very well designed, and (unlike some other SMTP plugins I’ve used) consistently well supported. I have it running on a number of client sites, and have no complaints. (Well, maybe one tiny one: the plugin name is long, confusing, and inconsistent depending on where you see it. But I’m happy to live with that for the sake of the excellent functionality and support!)

We use this plugin on two of our main e-commerce sites. It performs very well. Best of all, the developers behind it (Tech Banker) offer very good support. They respond within 24 hours and are very thorough.

Works Great!

Quick and reliable!

excelente, muy buen rendimiento y todo

Muy buen plugin los felicito

It works really good and it’s easy to use.

Since I have my own server with a fixed IP several of my themes refused to send emails from theme forms.
I spent a lot of time, using support from several themes, questioning on several forums and they all failed to come up with correct answer. It was because my server block emails, the all say.
Tech Banker contacted me from one of the forums. Within 20 minutes problem solved.
The themes are hard coding the FROM email and that does not work with a fixed IP.
Thanks a lot for that very swift and professional response.

After working with a number of SMTP systems, this one seems to be the most straightforward to set up and to do the job. It’s hard to be detailed … you enter the account information and the e-mail works. What more can you want?

Got really quick response from their tech support – I’d also say that this was the best SMTP plugin I found

Seems to to what I want

The plugin is very usefull and the support is very fast if you have problems.

nice plugin

Although their hours are odd for troubleshooting, they were dedicated to helping me resolve the issue I was having with my website email. The plugin works great and their customer support was awesome! Highly recommend this plugin and company!

This plugin fixes the problems of sending emails with the wordpress sites that I manage, it has been the most effective. Thank you very much for your free version.

This is a really great plug-in. Easy to install and it works perfect.
Good job!!!

It took minutes to get the mail start working again after discovering that my ISP somehow made the mail sent out from WordPress disappear. As you see in the log what is sent, you can feel safe that nothing gets lost.

Good plugin. Does what we need it to.

I had problems getting notifications from some plugins, using the native mail function. Installed Mail Bank and configured it as instructed and Hey Presto!
It works!

Use it as a test plugin for mailsettings on hostserver+router settings firewall.
Works fine! Both directt or smtp sending.

It works perfectly

And it does it right. Very easy to setup, you can start sending emails in 5 minutes. Well Done.

Thank you.

Everything is perfect! I love it.

Easy to install, completely resolved my WordPress mailing issues. Highly recommended!

After trying some plugins with similar function, the choice goes to this app; user friendly and works well.

My email notifications were slow – sometimes coming 45 minutes after a new order. We’re in a time-sensitive business and that doesn’t work for us. The MailBank plugin fixed the problem very simply – it bypasses the usual WPCron and pumps out the email right away – Now I have to re-do my Zaps because the order notification gets to me before the alerts! It’s a happy problem. Thanks MailBank

Doing the job without problems and that’s the most important thing.

the only plugin that has worked for me and really fast support

very good

Just what I needed.

It was easy to setup

Most useful and trustworthy.

Easy to setup with lots of options. Worked with Contact Form 7

The plugin gives immediate impression that it has quality and that it is made by professionals, from the look and the usability of it. I found it very easy to install, with many options depending on the email send parameters and has an email testing environment. The free version does the job and there are useful fields for those who want something more in the paid version. Thank you for this plugin, Dimis

The program configuration is straight forward. I use the PHP version which I prefer. It fixed a spam problem my host provider was giving me using their script. It seems the email choice they used was considered SPAM by gmail. This program allows you to truly send messages or use contact forms that come from you. Great effort by the team. I only run a blog, but this would be a great investment for a business if you don’t want to miss a lead from your contact forms.

Couldn’t get this working so upgraded to the Business Edition. Best $19.99 ever spent as Mitchell resolved my issue within minutes, after I’d spent hours trying to resolve it myself. Very happy with the functionality and think it’s a great enhancement to the website. THANK YOU!

Title say it all. It just works, and that is the best characteristic i can give any program.

I had a few issues with email from my WordPress blog. The logging feature alone of the paid for my $20 WP Mail SMTP Plugin by Mail Bank license in just a couple of hours. The plugin is simple, it works, and does just the kind of things you’d expect a good email plugin to do. Worth every penny!

Better than any other SMTP plugins

Thanks for the useful plugin

Had problems with setting up.contacted support and they sorted it !!! Great plugin

Does the job without getting in the way: that’s what plugins are meant to be like.

Simple configuration and it works fine. Great job!

Just perfect

Very nice plugin , i always use and recommend.

Very good! Thanks for your work! Gracias

SMTP Mailer Plugin by Mail Bank is a nice and polished SMTP plugin. The free version goes a long way, but if you need advanced features you will have to upgrade. Detailed SMTP logging is one of those features, but worth it in my opinion. Polite day-to-day support when needed – I highly recommend this plugin.

I tried many. This one worked great ?

Very good and personalised support. You are doing very well guys!!!

Works perfectly. The team support is very fast and doing well.

Excellent support.

Great script, easy to use. And Nathan provides a great support.

Thanks for the help! Very Timely! Jeff

Downloaded the new personal version first, lacked functionality so upgraded to bussinesss, both time they woudl not validate, but support form techbanker was fast and helped fix the issues. fast refund of personal edition.. liked the free version but wanted the mail logging capabilites

mails now goes to inbox !

Great Plugin ! We always want to do some things so complicated, but this plugin save us some time. Thanks ! LOOR Lab Colombia

very useful and easy to use. well done!

Works fine, it,s the best, thanks

I love this plugin – I tried many others that just wouldn’t pass authentication onto my mail server cleanly! This was the only one out of 6 I tried that worked, and was super easy ?

It works just fine and with no hassles.

Отличный плагин. Перебрал несколько штук для отправки почты через smtp, но удалось нормально отправлять почему то только через этот.

My host blocks php mail, so I needed another way to send mail through wordpress. Other plugins I tried couldn’t send mail through google apps properly, either not working or very slowly (10 minutes after sending I would receive it). Mail bank is very easy to configure and troubleshoot, and works flawlessly, I cannot recommend it enough!